This song was produced as part of Korea’s reality singing competition which Roy Kim won called Superstar K4 in 2012. It’s a collaboration between both the 2 contestants Roy and Joon Young who is also a singer in a Indie Rock band.

The original singer was Kim Jong Kook released in 2010 in his album Song (Remake). They rearranged the song and made it into a rock song.

Here’s the translation of the lyrics:

When I’m soaked in melodies of Bach
Forgotten memories bloom again
My song that flew away in the winds
Come back to me as whistles
Memories pile up in my small room
Tears wet my eyes, but I don’t know why

I gather my small heart together
And write a poem, but its not enough to describe you
I’ll become dust and fly away
Fly away in the wind, to your side