Kim Han-bin (Korean: 김한빈) better known by his stage name B.I (Korean: 비아이) is a South Korean rapper, lyricist, and leader of the boy band iKON, signed under YG Entertainment.

In 2013, he made his first television appearance in the Mnet reality program WIN: Who Is Next as a member of “Team B”. He later appeared in the 2014 follow-up Mix & Match, successfully forming part of iKON’s lineup alongside bandmates Jinhwan, Bobby, Junhoe, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong and Chanwoo. Also in 2014, he appeared alongside Bobby in the third season of the rap contest Show Me The Money.

He is credited in the composition of fellow YG Entertainment group Winner’s debut single “Empty” as well as Epik High’s No. 1 single “Born Hater”. As a member of iKON, he was credited with a role in the production and songwriting of all of the tracks in their 2015 debut album Welcome Back.

He is very talented at his age and has many credits on his belt in music production not just for his own group, but also for the various artists in YG Entertainment. This song was produced while he was in the reality show ‘Show Me The Money’ in 2014. Here’s he translation to the lyrics:

The show has started and the music is playing
The pressure makes me break out in a cold sweat
Some people get relieved while others lose strength in their legs
Can’t pretend to be calm and review my lyrics over and over again
Losing a battle of the nerves with the rhythm
And going back home, even the air feels heavy
The harsh eyes and pointing fingers of the public
I know what they ganna say shit about me
The kid who got popular by luck, the kid who came alive by his company
That bastard limped along with his lyrics and now he’s being rash and throwing a fit
What’s with those pretty boy idols in a rapper’s survival show?
Not even laughable anymore, they’ve talked all the smack they could about me, that’s me
My goal is to be the best
But reality always results in the worst or just average
After losing, a new storm is beginning, that’s me

Mic check 1, 2, my name is B.I
The show has now begun, it’s my time now
Now you all go back, back
I’ll go to the top, top
MIC check 1, 2 My name is B.I
Hey haters, sorry, it’s my time now
Everybody say oh!
Everybody say oh!

Now my determination is different from before
I already have a lot so I don’t really have much pressure
There’s so much to do, I’m never anxious
Call me brake, if you step on me, I’ll block your way
No matter how much you strangle me, I’ll always have air to breathe
I’m like a zombie, if you see me, hope you’re hiding
I’ll surpass all those who spin around and can’t be stopped
They’re all dead like the grass in winter
Blaw, my skills defy gravity
Everyone thinks hard, trying to do something
But I just have fun, a relaxed attitude
I’ll succeed whatever I do, that’s my destiny
If you have to talk smack about others, look in the mirror first
Find an answer to your answer-less self first
What about my skills? Not even funny now
I’m right here but I’m better than you