Nam Yoon-do, better known by his stage name Eric Nam, is an American singer and television host currently based in South Korea.

He first appeared on Birth of a Great Star 2 in 2012 after being discovered from one of his cover songs on YouTube. He made his official debut with the mini-album Cloud 9 on January 23, 2013.

This song was released in 2016 and here’s the translation of the lyrics:

As if I ran under the hot sun
I’m tired and thirsty
You know what I mean

Feels like I’ve fallen into a deep ocean
I can’t breathe
I think I’m in too deep

Because of you
I wanna tell you
And baby you
Whenever I se you ooh girl
I just can’t help myself
Can’t wait no longer
I can’t help myself

Wanna be with you,
you tonight. Yeah
No more playin’
cool, cool, you and I
Drench my thirsty heart
All right
Breathe air into me
My life
Without you, there’s no meaning
Accept me
Let me love you

Like a secret I’m not supposed to know
I had to hide my heart, it was hard

I can’t keep a straight face
I open my mouth then bite my lips

I can actually endure a lot
Even when I get hit really hard
So when I say that I can’t help myself
Instead of a hit, I hope you can just close your eyes
You keep making me cross the line
The sun is hot
But I wanna look at you with my eyes and sweat