CNBLUE (Korean: 씨엔블루) is a South Korean pop rock band formed in Seoul. The lineup originally consisted of Jung Yong-hwa (leader, guitar, main vocals, rap), Lee Jong-hyun (guitar, vocals), Kang Min-hyuk (drums), and Kwon Kwang-jin (bass), and they released their debut Japanese mini-album Now or Never in 2009. Kwon Kwang-jin left the band shortly after and was replaced by Lee Jung-shin (bass, rap).

CN is an initialism for Code Name, while BLUE is a backronym for burning, lovely, untouchable, and emotional; it is meant to portray the images of Jong-hyun, Minh-hyuk, Jung-shin, and Yong-hwa, respectively.

This song was released in 2015 in their album ‘2gether’. Here’s the translation of the song:

Where have you been hiding?
I’m searching where you are
You just left me
Why did you leave me
After closing my two eyes
I wander around like a fool
While following your presence
I whisper, “I’ll find you”
I’ll find you
I extend out my hands but it doesn’t reach you
Nowhere without you
nowhere without you girl
I keep hovering around where you are
Nowhere without you
baby don’t leave me alone
I’m getting tired of playing hide and seek
Stop playing hide and seek

I have something to tell you
I want you to hear it
I will find you
I will talk to you my love
After covering my eyes
I walk in darkness
Towards you, One two steps
I’m walking, I’ll find you
I’ll find you
I extend out my hands but it doesn’t reach you