Ken Hirai (Japanese: 平井 堅) is a Japanese R&B and pop singer. Since his debut, Hirai has worked as a model, actor, composer, lyricist, singer, and spokesperson. He is active since 1995.

This song was the theme song to the movie, “Socrates in Love” (世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ). The single was a #1 hit released in 2004 in his album ‘Sentimentalovers’. Here’s the translation of the lyrics:

Every morning I awake
To your skin, cast off, lying next to me
That back, I once felt warmth from, cold.
Stop with the wary smile
Open the heavy curtains
The blinding morning light,
Everyday I try to keep up with it
You showed me that day, your face in tears
The setting sun that shines on the tears
The warmth on my shoulder
Every time I wish you gone
My heart and body remember you.

Your love forever
I close my eyes and imagine you, that’s enough.
even if the season leaves my heart behind.

I wonder if one day I’ll no longer feel anything for you
I think I’d rather fall asleep with the pain I have now
Even though the light we searched for,
Wishing upon the starry sky we gazed at that night,
Disappears in a the blink of an eye,
My heart and body shine on with you.

I wish forever
I close my eyes and imagine you. That’s all I can do.
Even if the world were to leave me behind.

Your love forever
I close my eyes and imagine you, that’s enough.
Even if the season leaves me behind, and tries to change it’s color.
I’ll search for oyu in my memory. That’s enough.
Because you gave me the strength to get over my loss.
You gave it to me.