This song was released in 2002 as a collaboration between Andy Hui and Evonne Hsu. This is one of the popular karaoke songs as you can tell from the video. Here’s the translation of the lyrics:

It’s been so long since the night’s had a breeze
We look down at the lights of the city at the bottom of the mountain
You say that happiness and freedom are the heavens for poor people
I really like this type of thinking. Oh-

You want me to close my eyes and imagine
A place so far away that I can’t see it
You say that the world is a paradise, (we must) put work into sightseeing
This kind of speech is so romantic

Heart is flying, heart is flying
The road is long, the road is long
We are each others’ haven
Listening to you
Speaking of the past and the future
The dreams in your heart are just like mine

oh you light up my life
So I hope that the frequency of our hearts is the same
Add some feelings into the dream
Adding wings to thought
Love soars with unlimited possibilities

oh—you light up my life
I want to share with you
The dreams we have when our hearts are moved
This is a start
It is a type of sharing
Right now, waiting for the future, isn’t that right?

Always telling you about that day we ate dinner together
Wanting to ask if you are happy
All these days, looking at you
Forming my own dreams
All the looks of happiness
I believe our dreams have the same frequency
Isn’t that right?

I want to share the future with you