B1A4 (Korean: 비원에이포) is a South Korean idol group under the management of WM Entertainment. The group debuted in April 23, 2011 with the single “O.K” after their first introduction to the public through a webtoon. They have released two studio albums, six EPs and various singles in South Korea.

This song is released in 2015 produced by their leader, Jin Young with lyrics written both by him and member, Baro. Here’s the translation of the lyrics:

When I first saw you
That first feeling was enough for me, ok
I don’t really know you yet
But it feels like we’re gonna become lovers

Please I need your love
Why are you running away when I need you?
Please I need your smile
I wanna resemble everything about the lovable you, baby

Sweet girl, I wanna fly away like a butterfly
If only I could be in your arms that are like the clouds
Fly baby I can fly

Sweet girl, you’re filled with a sweet scent
I’ll be a bee and fly over to you
You and I you and I love you
You and I love you girl

Your heavenly eyes
Your figure has gotten me drunk
I’m gonna go right now to your side
I wanna fly, i’m a yellow butterfly (uh baby butterfly)
The sunlight reflecting in your eyes drives me even crazier
Oh u gotta deep eyes girl
You are such an innocent girl

I see you even when I close my eyes
Even when you don’t make it obvious
I know that’s why I like you
I’ll wait for you right here
My heart is wanting you right now
Come to me more sweetly, please I need your love