The Calling was an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, best known for its hit single, “Wherever You Will Go”. The group formed in 1999 and released two albums, Camino Palmero and Two, before going on an indefinite “hiatus” since 2005. Lead singer Alex Band reformed The Calling in 2013 with a new lineup that performed live but made no new recordings before again going on hiatus.

I love bands like this because of the lead singer’s voice and of course I’m a alternative/rock genre kinda person. Whichever language I listen to, I’m drawn to this genre. It’s unfortunate that the have stopped making music as a group. This song is still one of my favourites that I can never get sick of and on my road trip playlist.

This song was released in 2001 in their ‘Camino Palmero’ album.