Kwon Boa (Korean: 권보아) commonly known by her stage name BoA, is a South Korean singer and actress active in South Korea and Japan. She is referred to as the Queen of Korean Pop.

This song was the original soundtrack of a super popular taiwanese drama called ‘MVP情人’ aired in 2002. It’s one of the 1st few songs I have in Korean. This drama featured quite a few Korean groups which got me into K-Pop. Here’s the translation of the lyrics:

When I close my eyes, I can see
The day that you left will somehow flash by
Why did you have to go without a word?

Every day, faced with so much pain
Did you ever think how hard it’d be for me?
Why did you not tell me even once?

Now that you’re gone, what am I to do?
Know that in my heart, there will always be just
A place for you; you’re the only one
That’s why I’m still waiting for you
And like a fool, I can’t let you go
I still think of you; you’re the one I want
I want to say, thank you so much for your love

You once said you will never leave
Now I’m standing right next to your place of rest
So hard to carry on without you right by my side
Repeat Chorus

If only for one day
You can come back to me
Even if it means that it’s the last time in this life
The one I’ll wait for is you
And now I know, I must remain strong
I can’t help but miss you every day and night
I want to say, thank you so much for your love
I want to say, I know you’ll watch me from above